CASE STUDY: Castlereagh Borough Council

As part of the on-going programme of economic regeneration, Castlereagh Borough Council is developing an Urban Integrated Development Framework in order to implement several initiatives that would encourage economic growth within the district. To ensure Castlereagh Borough Council’s regeneration strategy incorporated local perspectives, the Council commissioned CARD Group to undertake a study to help develop a set of consumer-oriented principles to inform future service provision in Carryduff town centre. The study aimed to reveal stakeholders’ requirements and perceptions towards areas within Carryduff town centre. These included health and leisure services usage and retail habits.


  • CARD Group worked alongside Castlereagh Borough Council to develop a comprehensive research strategy taking into account the views of stakeholders across multiple locations within the district.
  • CARD Group used a wide variety of research methods to collect the most relevant information for Castlereagh Borough Council.  The data collected was analysed and displayed in an overall report and presentation format, highlighting stakeholder opinion and trends uncovered throughout the research project.
  • Castlereagh Borough Council used the information provided in the resulting reports and presentations to make informed decisions on the economic growth within the district, taking into account information provided by stakeholders within the borough.