Angeline Martin

Tue 25th February 2020

Improving the food product development process with food market research

Food market research is critical to the food product development process.  In an increasingly challenging marketplace, extensive planning and research is required to produce successful food and beverage products. New food product development objectives include acquiring new customers, expanding into new geographic markets, boosting profits, and growing market share. Food market research is often used […]

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Angeline Martin

Tue 21st January 2020

Eliminating bias in market research

Market research is often conducted to help companies to improve their understanding of customers and potential customers. Often, the objective is to better meet customer needs. Psychology helps to develop a better understanding of the beliefs, thoughts and perceptions held by consumers. Psychology also helps to identify and analyse trends in what people are buying. […]

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Angeline Martin

Fri 11th January 2019

Are the views expressed via social media reflective of your target market?

Are the views expressed via social media reflective of your target market?

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care home marketing image

Four ways to improve care home marketing

Wed 26th September 2018

Market research charts

Why Marketing Managers cannot live on digital metrics alone

Good market research improve budgetary effectiveness image

How good market research can improve budgetary effectiveness

Tue 19th June 2018

7 steps to excellent market research image

Market Research – 7 steps to developing an excellent quantitative study

Wed 25th April 2018

NI marketers GDPR readiness poll

NI Marketers GDPR Readiness Poll

Mon 5th February 2018

Business Improvement District Best practices

Business Improvement District Best Practices Using Market Research

Mon 20th November 2017


How accurate customer insight can improve marketing

Tue 25th July 2017