Town Centre Management Market Research and Evaluation

Providing the correct retail mix to satisfy customer needs is a key driver for town centre management. Using accurate consumer research, CARD Group is able to discover exactly what will attract more of the catchment area population in order to raise the level of spend in high streets and town centres. Providing the retail and service mix suited to the catchment area demographic will encourage shoppers to visit more frequently, stay for longer and spend greater amounts – rather than travelling to competing destinations to satisfy their needs.

Our experience and expertise ensure that we execute accurate visitor research projects to discover consumer insights such as:

  • Who your visitors are and where they come from
  • What your visitors think of your destination or attraction
  • Why your visitors selected your destination or attraction
  • Visitor expenditure

We can also pinpoint crucial shopper insights such as:

  • Who are your higher spending and most valuable visitors
  • How to attract more of these higher-spending visitors

These consumer insights have empowered our town centre management clients to develop marketing strategies to adapt to changing consumer needs and demands, to improve the customer experience and ultimately to increase revenue.

We also survey local business owners to discover their opinions, perceptions and needs.

Town centre management research and survey services

Our town centre management research and survey services provide a strong base for town centre projects. These include:

  • Urban regeneration / urban renewal / urban development
  • Environmental planning
  • Residential planning
  • Town centre regeneration
  • Public and community consultation
  • Stakeholder research
  • Community planning
  • Local economic development
  • Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Understanding Town Centre Visitors

Identify which are your most effective marketing strategies

  • Find out who your shoppers are in comparison with your local catchment area. Who is visiting your town centre, and perhaps more importantly, who is not visiting.
  • Discover who your most valuable shoppers are, where they live, how they travel to the town centre, how often they visit, where else do they spend and what do they buy, what is the most effective way to communicate with them and much more.
  • Easily segment your customer base and target your most valuable customers.
  • Plan and promote effective events

Improve your town centre tenant mix

  • Discover if your tenant mix is best suited to your town centre catchment area
  • Find out if any retailers are missing from your tenant mix
  • Target new retailers most suited to your customer profile and catchment profile
  • Attract compatible and sustainable tenants
  • Forecast the success of prospective tenants

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods for town centre management include:

Our services include both one-off projects as well as ongoing projects lasting several years.

Town Centre Management Clients

We work for a range of clients in the town centre sector:

Our town centre council clients include Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, Louth County Council, Newry, Mourne & Down Borough Council. Our Business Improvement District clients include the Cheltenham Business Improvement District, Kensington and Chelsea Business Improvement District and Belfast One.

Based in Northern Ireland, we operate across the UK and Ireland as well as in Europe and beyond. Whatever your needs are, we can tailor our town planning research services to meet your specific requirements.