Focus Groups for Market Research

Focus Groups for Market Research

Focus groups for market research (or market research discussion groups) are qualitative market research techniques. Focus group discussions help market research clients to gain a deeper understanding of opinions and perceptions of their target market. Focus groups can also be used to generate ideas or to determine reactions to products or services.

Focus groups for market research can be used as a stand-alone method, supplementary to a survey or as part of a hybrid project requiring multiple collection methods. Focus groups are normally moderated by a skilled market research interviewer. Focus groups normally involve between 5 and 8 individuals. A focus group research company such as CARD Group Research & Insight manages the recruitment of respondents and conducts focus group interviews. We also analyse the data, establish conclusions and provide actionable recommendations to help you to address your business challenge.

Cluster or Friendship Groups

Cluster or friendship groups are similar to focus groups. Groups of friends are interviewed rather than groups of strangers as per focus groups. When interviewed with a group of friends, respondents are likely to be more comfortable and therefore more likely to share deeper details than with a group of strangers.

In a cluster or friendship group, respondents talk differently than to strangers – perhaps more openly. If answers are perhaps not a true reflection of an opinion, friends are there to question and discuss an answer.

The moderator can tell when participants perhaps have more to share as friends give away more via body language and signals to each other. This gives the moderator an opportunity to dig deeper into their thoughts and opinions. Depending on the topic, cluster or friendship groups can be more effective than the traditional focus group.

Cluster or friendship group moderation is one of the innovative market research methods CARD Group Research & Insight has developed over the past number of years.

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