Brand Evaluation

Brand evaluation for more informed brand strategy decisions

Brand evaluation is vital to assessing how well your brand achieves objectives. Our unique brand evaluation system monitors the ongoing performance of your brand strategy with sophisticated brand tracking.

Using advanced statistical methods and behavioural economics grounded in applied social psychology, we provide our clients with a detailed analysis of how their target customer segments are interacting with their brand, which customer segments are apathetic regarding their brand and why.

Tap into the subconscious for a more accurate brand evaluation

Our behavioural economics process analyses both the conscious and the subconscious mind for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand sentiment
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand associations
  • Brand behaviour mapping
  • Brand attributes
  • Engagement with a brand

Tapping into the customer’s subconscious mind enables us to bypass the conscious mind which is often temporarily biased by external influences.

Brand Tracking: Regular Brand Evaluation

Founded on academic research and corporate experience, our brand tracking system has been formed, developed and perfected to assist with brand management and to progress your brand success.

Our unique brand evaluation system collects data in order to examine the connection your target customers have with your brand throughout their levels of interaction and in the context of who they see as your competition.  We avoid vanity metrics and instead focus on the information that tells you what you need to know, producing evidence that shows who is getting the message, who isn’t and what your business can do about that.

Shaping your brand for the future

Discover the following with our brand behaviour tracker:

  • Access and understand how consumers feel about your brand
  • Consumer insights for your target audiences
  • Discover new opportunities and future opportunities
  • Predict consumer behaviour
  • Make informed decisions for strategy
  • Flexible system to suit your needs and obtain information fast
  • Competitor analysis

We work with local and global organisations providing vital consumer insights to improve brand strategy and brand management as well as ensuring the brand resonates with the target market.

What does your brand convey to consumers?

As a brand sets the tone for the relationship a company wants with its customers, this issue is often devastatingly misunderstood yet so important to get right. We’ve met wonderful warm-hearted, committed marketing teams struggling behind cold, perfunctory brands that misguide conversations before they can start. 

Some organisations see the brand as simply a name and a logo while others believe theirs has more personality. Your branding is the first thing potential customers see and forms the wrapper for how customers interact with you going forward. 

Does your brand really convey the hopes, passion, effort, care, time, intention, integrity, diligence, finance, and heart and soul already invested in your business, your products and/or services? More to the point, does your target customer get that?  What are the differences between what they instinctively want to know and what your brand says about you?

Your brand needs to show your true colours to forge and maintain a connection with your target customer.  If it doesn’t, your brand may actually be working against you. You need to know.

Our brand mantra: Further-Faster is not just about supporting our clients’ progress, it’s also part of our goal, our story, a lived value focusing our investment on better ways of doing things because by leading from the front, we can never be swallowed up by the masses.

Let us help you progress further, faster.