Brand Research Agency

Brand research agency services help clients to build their brand by uncovering consumer perceptions. Our services also discover how an organisation can seek to improve perceptions and become more attractive to consumers in their target markets.

Market research is vital to the development and operation of a robust and successful brand. Brand market research provides actionable insights to improve product and service strategies.

Emotional vs. rational buyer behaviour factors

According to Gallup data, “about 70% of decisions are based on emotional factors and only 30% are based on rational factors”.

It’s vital that a company incorporates both rational and emotional factors when developing a strategy. A brand research agency with experience in this area will be able to assess both rational (conscious) and emotional (subconscious) factors for consumer purchase decisions.

Our brand research service uses both qualitative research and quantitative market research tools. One-to-one interviews, consumer surveys and discussion groups are incorporated into the design of a programme to gather customer data.

Brand Research Agency Services

We also provide a wide range of market research services for multiple industry sectors.

  • Advertising testing
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand evaluation
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand identity research
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand tracking
  • Copy testing
  • Customer engagement
  • Packaging research
  • Rebranding research

The benefits of behavioural economics in developing brand strategy

Behavioural economics can be used to explain the non-rational reasons for making a purchase. Predicting consumer behaviour empowers a business to anticipate how consumers are going to act.

Consumer research tends to focus on rational thinking. This type of research can tell us a lot, but not everything.

Behavioural economics explains why consumers, in a retail setting, opt for one action rather than another. For example, how a consumer chooses between brands that offer similar products.

Communicate with consumers on a subconscious level to inform their buying process.

Non-rational mental shortcuts that lighten the consumer’s cognitive load are vital to marketing strategies. Our brand research system analyses and interprets the mental shortcuts that consumers take, but may not be aware of.  We provide each company with insights into which mental shortcuts are being taken by each customer segment. These insights enable companies to develop brand strategies to ensure promotional messages match the customer’s mental shortcuts.

Behavioural economics impacts everything from communications strategy to distribution and pricing.

What is behavioural economics?

Behavioural economics investigates economic decision-making and shows that we are much less rational than accounted for in many marketing strategies.

Behavioural economics seeks to understand what motivates people to do certain things. By understanding a consumer’s values, and the factors of their situation, we can predict how a group of consumers are likely to react.

What does your brand convey to consumers?

A brand sets the tone for the relationship a company wants with its customers. However, this issue is often devastatingly misunderstood despite being so important to get right. We’ve met wonderful warm-hearted, committed marketing teams struggling behind cold, perfunctory brands that misguide conversations before they can start. 

Some organisations see the branding as simply a name and a logo while others believe theirs has more personality. Your branding is the first thing potential customers see and forms the wrapper for how customers interact with you going forward. 

Does your branding really convey the hopes, passion, effort, care, time, intention, integrity, diligence, finance, and heart and soul already invested in your business, your products and/or services? More to the point, does your target customer get that?  What are the differences between what they instinctively want to know and what your branding says about you?

Your company needs to show its true colours to forge and maintain a connection with your target customer.  If it doesn’t, your strategy may actually be working against your business. You need to know – and this is where market research comes in.

Our mantra: Further-Faster is not just about supporting our clients’ progress, it’s also part of our goal, our story, a lived value focusing our investment on better ways of doing things because by leading from the front, we can never be swallowed up by the masses. If you are seeking a full-service market research company, get in touch today.

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