Market research company, CARD Group Research & Insight, delivers accurate customer insight to improve strategic decision-making for brands, products and services.

We facilitate a deeper customer understanding to enable our clients to make better business decisions. We utilise both conscious and subconscious methods to ensure the most accurate results.

Our market research company services include the following areas:

  • Brand research and brand tracking
  • New and existing product development research
  • Advertising campaign concept testing and evaluation
  • Event evaluation
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee surveys

Established in 2003, we work in the UK, across Europe and beyond. If you are considering engaging a market research company, please get in touch today and find out more about how our customer insight and consulting service can help you to grow your business.


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Our Services

Brand Research and Brand Tracking

Brand evaluation is critical to determine how effectively your brand meets its goals. Our innovative brand evaluation system tracks and analyses the continuing success of a brand strategy.

Our unique methodology shows how specific customer segments interact with a brand. For example, which customer segments are apathetic, which customer segments are fully engaged and why.


New Product Development Research

With extensive experience in conducting new product development research, our consumer insights and analysis are critical to testing initial concepts, developing value propositions and effectively advertising the new or updated product. We help clients to utilise our consumer insights to find solutions to challenges throughout the product development process.

Our expertise includes gathering data and extracting actionable customer insights for packaging, service, delivery, brand, and company reputation.

All of this information is critical to making evidence-based, data-driven decisions.


Advertising Campaign Evaluation & Concept Testing

Understanding how effective advertising campaigns are, in terms of how well they achieve objectives, is vital for optimising future campaigns. Advertising research analyses conscious and subconscious responses to advertising campaigns to understand if the messaging has created the required reaction from the target audience. Evidence of an advertising campaign’s impact is necessary for a marketing department’s proof of ROI.


Event Evaluation

 We assist event organisers with producing events that will draw the most attendees.  We gather key attendee analytics to produce insights to inform event evaluation and strategy. Measuring the success of an event, the factors that increase delegate satisfaction and the factors that decreased delegate satisfaction are all vital to the success of future events.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are used to understand a customer’s satisfaction levels with an organisation’s products or services. Customer satisfaction surveys can be used to gather intelligence on customers’ needs as well as any challenges they may face with products or services.

In every industry, maintaining a competitive edge requires businesses to focus on the creation of positive experiences to retain existing customers and gain new customers.


Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are essential for gaining insight into the most effective ways to attract, train, retain and reward employees. Organisations need to know how happy and enthusiastic employees are, how to improve on these levels and what the important factors are. Organisations also need to make employees feel heard.

Innovation is key to our success

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CARD Group Research & Insight

Developing methods to derive accurate insights ensures that brands partner with us for years. We provide insights crucial to their success.  Using both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, our insights are based on degree level

Developing innovative methods to derive accurate insights ensures that brands partner with us for years. We provide insights and analysis that are crucial to developing solutions that lead to their success.  Using both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, our insights are based on degree-level statistical and psychological resources ensuring the correct methodology is applied.

Our processes are, as per most of the top market research companies, founded on ISO quality standards and comply with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and ESOMAR best practices.


As a full-service market research company, our analytical and customer insight services include:

  • Qualitative research: Depth Interviews, focus groups, ethnography and more
  • Quantitative research: Customer surveys, face to face surveys, online surveys and more
  • Advertising evaluation: Digital imagery


Our clients span a wide range of business sectors including, but not limited to:

  •  Shopping centre market research
  •  Retail
  •  Leisure and hospitality
  •  Travel and tourism
  •  Town centre research
  •  Business Improvement District (BID)
  •  Local government research / public sector
  •  Event evaluation
  •  Food market research
  •  Care Homes
  •  Banking market research


High quality consumer insights improve the customer experience strategy leaving less to chance.

As consumers have high expectations throughout the customer journey, a deeper understanding is increasingly important. Knowing how customers view a brand and their products and services enables the management team to tailor marketing strategies.

Identification of key gaps in a marketing strategy, understanding where to focus marketing efforts, acting quickly on those customer insights and adjusting propositions for products and services will help companies to achieve objectives such as increased growth and sales.

Get in touch with CARD Group Research & Insight today to find out more.