Retail Park Market Research

Retail park market research is vital for the out-of-town sector. This includes market research for shopping parks, retail parks and leisure parks. We assist our clients with fully understanding the catchment area population in terms of demographics as well as perceptions, opinions and needs.

We provide the following data collection services for shopping park, retail park and leisure park clients:

Leasing Support

CARD Group can assist with attracting desirable retailers to shopping and retail parks. We provide our clients with data showing the primary customer groups and how to meet their needs. This information can be presented to prospective tenants to demonstrate that they would be successful at specific locations.

We have worked with Glasgow Fort, Fort Kinnard and Orbital Swindon. Our clients are located throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about how CARD Group Research & Insight consumer research agency can help you to improve your marketing strategy with improved retail park market research, please get in touch.