Qualitative Market Research

CARD Group Qualitative Market Research Services

At CARD Group, we utilise the following qualitative market research techniques to derive actionable consumer insight:

  • Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups / Cluster Groups
  • Ethnography
  • Diary Studies
  • Accompanied Shop

Our clients are all different. Each qualitative market research project is unique. Different target market, different location, different business sector, different strategies. At CARD Group, we work with you to understand your business challenge and to establish your key requirements in order to address this challenge. We then develop a market research plan to drawn out the information you require. This market research plan may require a deeper understanding of your customers, which would then involve one or more of the qualitative market research tools mentioned above.

Once the data collection segment of the project has been completed, our highly qualified data analysts draw conclusions from the data and develop a report detailing insights and recommendations. The insights we provide to our clients are highly actionable meaning they can be implemented in order to address their business challenge.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, our clients are located across the UK, Ireland and beyond. If you’re searching for a market research company to assist you with finding a solution to a business issue please contact CARD Group. Whether it requires a quantitative, qualitative or hybrid solution, we’d be pleased to talk to you.