Ethnography for Market Research

Ethnography, a qualitative research method, involves spending time with consumers in their own environment. We observe how people act and what influences their decisions.

Ethnography helps you to discover unmet and often hidden consumer needs.

In-store observation: Researchers observe customers as they shop.

Intercept and Exit Interviews: Researchers observe shoppers as they move around the store.  On exiting the store, researchers then ask shoppers questions in order to understand why shoppers made certain decisions and how they found they found their shopping experience.

Accompanied Shop or Shop-along: A very effective method of understanding a customer’s buying behaviour is to accompany customers whilst they shop.  A CARD Group researcher conducts a depth interview with selected customers as they shop.   The entire process is videoed which gives a great deal of information regarding how customers shop, their priorities and how they make decisions.  This information is then used by clients to improve the customer experience and to encourage longer and more frequent visits.

Ethnography enables us to discover deeper behavioural insights than traditional research methods taking into account factors such as attitude, relationships, culture, situations and more.  At CARD Group Research &Insight, we can help you discover the answers to questions such as:

  • Why are customers entering the store but not making a purchase
  • Would a different setup increase sales
  • Would a new concept work

We operate throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and beyond.  If you would like to find out more about how ethnographic market research companies such as CARD Group can help you with your business challenge, please get in touch.