Campaign Evaluation

Campaign evaluation is vital to a brand’s marketing strategy. As a specialist research consultancy, we help you discover if your advertising campaigns are engaging your target market. Our advertising campaign evaluation service includes the following:

Qualitative market research, for example, is used to test advertising copy whilst quantitative market research can be used to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

  • Development of effective advertising to raise brand awareness and increase sales
  • Discovering and prioritising the benefits most important to your primary target audience
  • Pre-testing your campaigns
  • Selecting the most effective methods of communication to reach your target audience.
  • Testing existing campaigns to find out if you’re reaching your target audience on the right channels, at the right times, and in the right places.

Depending on your advertising evaluation objectives, we use either qualitative or quantitative tools – or a hybrid of both.

In 2020 almost $200bn was spent on advertising campaigns globally. And yet many advertising campaigns have little tangible evidence of their impact. So many advertising campaigns are rolled out without a reliable and quantifiable impact calculation to inform the campaign evaluation.

An impact calculation provides you with:

  • Evidence showing where your advertising campaigns have worked
  • Evidence showing untapped customer needs and the required tactics to reach those customers
  • Independent evidence on the effectiveness of marketing agencies evaluating their return on investment
  • Evidence to guide marketing strategy, budgets and a mechanism to demonstrate progress on target

Spectrum of Customer/Brand Interaction for Campaign Evaluation

To evaluate the success of an advertising campaign, the impact on target customers must be assessed. Target customers include:

  • Consumers who are unaware of the brand
  • Consumers who are aware and may consider it
  • Consumers who are already purchasers 

This spectrum of customers covers many different levels of brand interaction. As such, campaign evaluation to determine the level of success means assessing the impact on that full range of intended customer types.

Brand Tracking

Card Group Research & Insight’s brand tracking system unpacks the target consumer into its component demographics, geodemographics and psychographics, allowing you to see how sentiment, potential and interaction with the brand have been affected by each advertising campaign. BrandCho8 calculates the shift along the customer spectrum and produces a figure to gauge the success of the advertising campaign. 

This figure can be used not only to evaluate the campaign but also the effectiveness of the agency in reaching the full range of target customers. This is important, especially when changing advertising agencies. Often incoming agencies benefit more from the previous actions of the outgoing agency, than from their own campaigns.

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