Brand Tracking Agency

Brand tracking agency, CARD Group Research & Insight, enables companies to monitor the performance of their brand against competitor brands.

Brand tracking is the collection of consumer data, either online or in person, to monitor several key factors pertaining to the success of your brand.

Our system incorporates these key factors; brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer engagement, brand recognition and behavioural economics to provide what is essentially a brand health score.

Effective brand tracking is comprehensive and helps you to build your brand by showing you how your brand is performing, how successful your brand is compared to competitors and identifying areas of weakness.

Including both conscious (rational) perceptions with subconscious (emotional) perceptions in our market research means that companies don’t exclude how 70% of consumer decisions are made (Gallup 2022).  

Predicting consumer behaviour.

Behavioural economics empowers companies to anticipate how people are going to act. Traditionally, consumer research has been able to provide companies with excellent consumer insights which have formed the cornerstone of marketing strategies. However, the pandemic has interrupted and altered the habits of many consumers. This makes behavioural economics very attractive to companies in industries that have been affected, as well as companies that are finding they need to understand consumers more fully.

How do consumers choose between two similar brands?

Behavioural economics explains why consumers opt for one brand rather than a similar competitor brand. Our brand tracking system uses advanced methods to test subconscious reactions to determine preferences.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising, editorials and opinions to the point where they are overwhelmed. Their thoughts are continually changing from day to day as more information penetrates their awareness. Our brand tracker system cuts through the typical day-to-day disorder to analyse subconscious thoughts. Brands are then able to access consumers’ true and uninfluenced opinions regarding their products, services, competitors and more.

Communicate with consumers on a subconscious level to inform their buying process.

Our brand tracker analyses the non-rational mental shortcuts that lighten the consumer’s cognitive load and are vital to marketing strategies. Our brand tracker analyses the data gathered and interprets the mental shortcuts that consumers take, but may not be aware of. This means that we provide each business with insights into which mental shortcuts are being taken by each customer segment.

This deeper understanding leads to an improved brand strategy as promotional messaging takes into account the mental shortcuts taken by target consumers.

Our brand tracker shows how well a company is communicating with customers’ subconscious minds compared to competing brands for each product or service.

Purchase intent

Our brand tracker segments consumers and analyses the data from these segments to calculate if the people in these groups intend to purchase a product or service.

Track consumer perception to monitor emerging trends.

Tracking customer perception of your brand allows you to see emerging trends over time. This enables you to anticipate and deal with any negative brand issues before they can cause a major impact on sales performance. Continuous brand monitoring means that changes in customer perceptions due to new advertising campaigns or news coverage will be highlighted on a regular basis.

How often should brand tracking be performed?

Following the initial benchmark study to collect initial data, brand tracker surveys can be performed weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on your needs. Based on our experience, most clients prefer to create a monthly schedule. Additional weekly brand health tracking checks are often included when a new campaign is being implemented, or if a client’s company has been featured in the news. The more regular checks mean that clients can take action promptly if they need to.

Evaluate the effect marketing strategies have on brand perception.

A brand tracker can be set up to measure both pre and post-campaign scores to discover how successful a campaign has been in terms of brand growth. We can also highlight any unintended negative effects of advertising activity on different demographics.

Brand tracking agency

If you are looking for a brand tracking agency and would like to find out more about our brand tracker or a single brand evaluation, please do get in touch.