Social Research Agency

Social research agency CARD Group Research & Insight understands the unique challenges and goals of organisations dedicated to delivering social change and making a positive impact – in areas from culture, poverty, health and education to the environment and the economy.

We take a fresh approach to challenges and consider every research project from multiple angles, providing clients with valuable insights to make informed, data-driven decisions that power positive change. 

We partner with public sector bodies, charities and social enterprises to:

  • Explore the attitudes, knowledge and behaviours of stakeholders 
  • Give a voice to the most vulnerable or seldom heard in our society
  • Design and evaluate interventions to address key societal issues 
  • Ensure decision-making is evidence-based
  • Measure the impact and the outcome of programmes and campaigns
  • Learn from experience, refine strategies and maximise impact.

Through tailoring methodologies to meet the needs of individual organisations, we can help you learn more about your beneficiaries and stakeholders – gaining insights that inform strategic decisions and programme development.

Comprehensive social research agency services

We offer a comprehensive suite of social research services including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Survey design and delivery
  • Brand tracking
  • Focus and friendship groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Social value measurement
  • Impact measurement and reporting
  • Client and employee experience research
  • Project, campaign and event evaluation
  • Stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Our expertise as a social research agency

We have in-depth experience working across the sector with clients ranging from social enterprises such as Employers For Childcare and Bolster Community to charities and public institutions such as National Museums NI.

Case study: Bolster Community

Being Awesome

When the Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) commissioned Bolster Community to organise a consultation to facilitate a deeper understanding of social issues relating to autism, we were pleased to be invited to assist.

Read more about the Bolster Community case study, the “Being Awesome” report and how our valuable insights and conclusions were used as evidence to inform Bolster Community’s service provision and development as well as lobbying of local social care and health services.

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