Quantitative market research companies

Quantitative market research companies enable businesses to gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences, customer behaviour and market trends.

At CARD Group Research & Insight, we use a range of quantitative research methods to collect precise and measurable data. This data-driven approach to research offers several key advantages to our clients;

Accurate and Reliable Insights: Quantitative market research companies provide objective and reliable information by collecting data from a large sample size. The use of statistical analysis ensures the accuracy of findings and minimises bias. This allows businesses to make informed decisions based on solid evidence.

Measurable Data: Quantitative research generates numerical data, which can be easily measured and analysed. This allows businesses to quantify market trends, customer satisfaction levels, brand perception, and other important metrics, providing a clear picture of performance and progress.

Statistical Significance: With quantitative research, market research companies can determine the statistical significance of their findings. This helps validate the reliability of the data and ensures that any patterns or relationships identified are not due to chance, but rather reflect true market trends or consumer behaviour.

Comparative Analysis: Quantitative research facilitates comparative analysis by collecting data from different market segments, customer groups, or time periods. This allows businesses to identify differences, similarities, and trends, providing insights into market dynamics and enabling targeted strategies for specific segments.

Predictive Capabilities: The analysis of historical data and identifying patterns means that quantitative research can provide businesses with predictive insights. These insights can help anticipate future market trends, customer preferences, and demand, allowing businesses to proactively adjust their strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The precise and measurable nature of quantitative research enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. It provides a solid foundation for strategic planning, product development, marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, and other key business initiatives, increasing the likelihood of success.

Core quantitative market research company services

Our core quantitative market research services include:

  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Customer intercept surveys
  • Customer exit surveys
  • Hall tests
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Postal surveys
  • Website analytics
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Our strategists and analysts are experienced in understanding how our clients use the data we provide.  This enables us to develop bespoke quantitative market research projects for each client to achieve specific objectives and develop actionable insights.

Our strong emphasis on accuracy ensures that your quantitative market research project is structured correctly and yields high-quality customer insights enabling you to address your business challenge.

We provide both quantitative and qualitative market research services.

CARD Group Research & Insight is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with clients located across the UK, Ireland and beyond.  If you’re searching for a quantitative market research company to assist you with finding a solution to a business issue, please get in touch