Employee survey company

Employee survey company, CARD Group Research & Insight, provides a range of bespoke employee surveys such as employee engagement surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and staff happiness surveys.

Uncover employee potential, shrink attrition & maximise engagement

Understanding employee requirements is the first step in enhancing employee engagement. An employee engagement survey or an employee satisfaction survey can help a business to understand key strengths and weaknesses in meeting employee needs.

An employee survey can be a one-time event to benchmark employee satisfaction and/or engagement and gain actionable insights into how to improve the employee experience and consequently; employee performance.  Alternatively, regular employee surveys monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of employee satisfaction improvement strategies and solutions.

Employee engagement definition

Organisations have varying perspectives on employee engagement. However, the CIPD recommends a definition based on a group of occupational psychologists from Utrecht University. ‘Work engagement’ is seen as a state of mind which is the opposite of being burnt out.  Engaged employees are high in vigour, dedication and absorption.

Employee engagement is vital to the success of a business as it impacts key business metrics such as the profitability of the business, productivity, retention, and recruitment.

Why hire an external employee survey company

There are many reasons why a business would use an independent employee survey company.  These are a few of the key aspects:

Survey results are private and unseen by colleagues.  Therefore employees are more likely to be honest when voicing negative opinions relating to colleagues and other departments.

Employee survey companies have expertise in designing staff surveys to ensure the most accurate responses are recorded.  An expert designs questionnaires that avoid bias or unintentional influencing of the respondent. Any influencing of respondents means the data gathered, and subsequent results would be wrong. It is unlikely that any solutions based on these incorrect results would improve employee performance.

An external company brings a fresh perspective to employee engagement issues and will ensure that a questionnaire design includes all relevant aspects.

At CARD Group Research & Insight, we have developed advanced employee survey methods that uncover employees’ subconscious needs.

Employee engagement survey

When correctly conducted, the data collected from employee responses yield essential insights and provide a prioritised list of areas in the business that need to be addressed in order to improve employee engagement.

According to Gallup in 2022, only 14% of employees in Europe were engaged at work, so it is likely that most businesses in the UK and Ireland are operating at a level below where they should.

Employee engagement surveys can include aspects such as career growth and development, change management, future career development, communication, manager effectiveness, team members, empowerment and leadership.

Employee satisfaction survey

As an employee satisfaction survey company, we find that employee satisfaction and employee engagement tend to overlap.  Employee satisfaction is related to general life at work; fulfilment, salary, financial benefits, relationship with their manager, future career, work environment, colleagues and so on.

Employee pulse survey

Employee pulse surveys are short and frequent surveys.  Pulse surveys can be regularly conducted to collect employee feedback and to evaluate and track the success of ongoing staff satisfaction and employee engagement strategies.

The benefits of employee surveys

Engaged employees are vital to the success of a business. A business with productive, well-engaged staff is more profitable with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

An employee survey is a way for staff to share their opinions on their workplace. Surveys can be carried out anonymously to access more genuine opinions. A business can ask meaningful questions to learn more about:

  • Company strengths
  • Company weakness and where there is room for improvement
  • How to develop employee trust
  • Different staff opinions between different departments
  • How to develop a workplace culture that aids with staff retention
  • Why staff morale has increased or decreased
  • Why there have been increased or decreased numbers of staff handing in their notice
  • If employee performance has increased or decreased, what are the reasons
  • Why absentee rates have increased or decreased

Employee engagement survey providers

If you would like to find out more about our employee survey services, please get in touch.  Based in Belfast, we work with clients in Northern Ireland, the UK and across Europe.