Care Home Market Research

Market research services for effective care home marketing

At CARD Group, we provide both quantitative and qualitative care home market research to enable effective care home marketing.

In order to develop the right offering in terms of care, a thorough understanding of customers and prospective customers must be developed. Market research is crucial to care home marketing, to understanding what motivates a customer to make a purchasing decision.  Once target market segments have been selected, the most effective messages may be developed and then communicated via the correct channels to reach the target audience.  Excellent market research can provide you with actionable insights to assist you with making the right marketing strategy decisions for care home marketing.

As a large percentage of referrals for care homes reach prospective customers via word of mouth, it’s vital that care homes discover any negative issues that residents and their families may have.  This type of customer satisfaction market research should be performed on a regular basis to enable the care home marketing team to rectify these issues before they have time to negatively impact word-of-mouth referrals.

Some market research insights include:

  • Current trends: What expectations do user-choosers and the children of prospective residents have?
  • Emerging trends: What people are going to be expecting in the future?
  • Who is buying your product; users or their children? Who are their influencers?
  • Why residents or their children selected your care home.
  • Why people did not select your care home.
  • Gaps in the market

Market Research Tools for the Care Home Industry

Listed below are some of the services that are of benefit to care home marketers:

  • Focus groups of cluster groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Customer surveys (including customer satisfaction surveys)
  • Telephone surveys
  • Online surveys

We work with clients across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

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