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Social research agency partnerships are key to ensuring your funding applications are evidence-based; a key requirement in an ever more competitive funding environment.  They can help you tell a compelling story and clearly demonstrate funding need and impact.

Winning funding applications: The social research advantage

In an increasingly competitive funding environment, securing financial support for your charity demands more than just heartfelt appeals. It calls for robust evidence and meaningful narratives. This is where market research, delivered in partnership with an experienced social research agency, steps in.

How market research can improve grant applications

Charities improve their chances of success in the highly competitive landscape of grant applications through the strategic use of market research and social research.

Charities operate in a dynamic environment where resources are limited, and the need for financial support is ever-present. Navigating this challenge requires a deep understanding of your stakeholders and their needs.

Market and social research insights strengthen grant applications by:

  • Evidencing need
  • Showing engagement with stakeholders
  • Demonstrating the impact of previous initiatives.

 This can be key to improving your chances of securing the support you need.

Craft evidence-based funding applications

A social research agency can provide the data and evidence needed to craft proposals that are not just emotionally compelling but also grounded in facts and figures. And critically,  when partnering with a social research agency, you can provide funders with assurance that evidence has been gathered independently thus offering the highest level of robustness and integrity.

Tell a compelling story

A charity’s story is a powerful tool in winning over funders. Evidence provided by a social research agency helps you to craft narratives that resonate deeply with your target audience – whether that is a funding body, an organisation tendering for services or a member of the public.

Measure Impact

Funders want to know that their support will make a genuine difference. Market and social research helps you set clear, measurable goals and outcomes for your projects – together with mechanisms for monitoring impact over time – assuring funders that their investment will yield meaningful, measurable results.

Enhance Accountability

Once you secure funding, market research continues to play a vital role. It enables you to monitor and evaluate the progress and impact of your projects, ensuring transparency and accountability to your stakeholders.

A Brighter Future in partnership with a social research agency

To find out more about how your charity can benefit from enlisting the help of our social market research agency, get in touch with our Director of Corporate Services, Aoife Hamilton.

About the author: Aoife Hamilton

As Director of Corporate Development at CARD Group Research & Insight, Aoife draws from more than a decade of experience in policy and social research gained predominantly in the charity and social enterprise sector. Aoife holds a BA (Oxon) in History and Politics and a CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management.