Customer surveys: Why in-store customer surveys are crucial to retailers

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Why in-store customer surveys are crucial to retailers

What is the best way to get a customer’s true opinion? An online survey a few days after a shopping experience? A follow-up telephone call? Or is it a face-to-face customer survey the moment they finish their shop?

At CARD Group, a UK based market research agency, we have found that one of the most effective methods of surveying customers is to speak to customers as they finish their shopping experience. At that moment the shopping experience is fresh in the customer’s mind, unimpeded by memories, perceptions or opinions. Waiting even a few days before sending out a survey or making a follow up phone call means that a customer’s memory of the event becomes slightly skewed.

Online and telephone research have their own strengths but for the purpose of extracting accurate customer thoughts on their shopping experience, on site face-to-face customer surveys are the best method.

Face-to-face customer surveying has the additional benefit of finding exactly the correct people for the sample. Your store contains your customers on the day that you need their opinions – there is no need to source these people online.

With in-store customer surveys the interviewers are tasked with asking certain customers the questions. Customer surveys may be designed to find out the opinions of a broad spectrum of customers visiting the store. Alternatively the opinions of a specific demographic may be sought.

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