A list of frequently asked questions and misconceptions.


CARD Group understands that there are a lot of misconceptions and concerns surrounding market research. We have outlined some of our customer’s initial queries to clarify CARD Group’s approach to these.
If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us, the team are always happy to help in anyway we can.

We are all often busy regardless of our level of affluence.  Our interviewers regularly talk to people who need to rush off to collect children, get back to work, catch a bus or attend an appointment.  Our teams are trained to respect this and to be courteous to time pressed people; we genuinely find some come back to assist with our research when they have more time.  We have found that refusing to participate is more correlated to those who are more likely to feel a little socially insecure.  This trend occurs regardless of the individual’s level of affluence or other demographic characteristics.

Different customer types interact with a business at different periods of time, and interact in different ways.  To ensure we get a representative sample of all consumers CARD Group interact with consumers at different times throughout a project, capturing responses within different areas of a business.  CARD Group typically requests footfall information by exit point (if available), by hour and day to understand the proportion of interviewing time we need to spend within individual areas.  We then allocate our research hours to best match the proportion of footfall by hour, by exit, by day.

When we are active within a project, each interviewer asks the next person leaving the area of interest, checking first that they have finished in the area (some people may leave an area and return in a very short space of time).  We do not ‘select’ people for participation as to do so would introduce a bias into the data.  Participation is voluntary and people are free to decline.

It is important to ensure that the number of responses collected exceeds the minimum amount needed for statistical robustness.


We can provide teams to carry out research covering early and late opening times if requested by our clients.  To ensure the safety of our interviewing staff, there are different operating conditions which necessitate a higher charge.  Proportionally there are far fewer people interacting with a business at these times, meaning that the cost per response is much higher than those collected during conventional business hours.  This often influences businesses to choose not to interview at these times.