Big Data limitations and how to overcome them with Big Qual

Albert Hamilton




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In the struggle to increase market share and share of wallet, having hard numbers from quantitative research to refer to can be reassuring.

Quantitative market research provides answers to questions such as where exactly is our secondary catchment? How much is it worth? What is our share of that market? In which postcode zones are we strong? Where are we weak?  Specifically, which postcode zones will give us the biggest return on marketing investment. And this is all information crucial to our client’s marketing strategies. But quantitative research is only part of what we do day and daily for our clients.

Big data does not have all the answers

Hard data – quantitative research – can only take you so far.  Big data does not have all the answers. It can tell you who is and who isn’t coming.  However, it can’t tell you why they are missing from your visitor base and what marketing approach will get the best response.  While quantitative research can take you to the river, it can’t build the bridge.

We have seen some reports that describe the best approach to take based on ‘industry insight’, or ‘extensive sector experience’.  Without hard evidence though, isn’t this really just subjective guesswork?  We have seen correlation confused with causation too many times.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way and consumers already have the answer.  The important thing is to connect with them directly.

We produce Big Qual

CARD Group offers a range of ways to connect with your potential consumers to understand their desires, interests, circumstances and problems.  We understand what works for them and what doesn’t.  We connect with them in ways that work – for them.  This means we hear from everyone – including the hard to reach.  We produce Big Qual.

Without qualitative research, you are really only dealing with assumptions.  Can you afford to do that?

Talk to us about our sector innovations in big qualitative research.  As a full service market research company, we work across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

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