About CARD Group, a market research agency | UK & Ireland

A leading full service market research agency, CARD Group was first established in Belfast in 2003. We operate throughout the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and beyond.

Our clients are located throughout the UK and Ireland from Belfast to Derry/Londonderry, Dublin, Louth, London to Sterling and beyond.

As one of the best market research companies in the UK and Ireland, we have developed highly innovate and accurate approaches to providing customer insight via our high quality data collection and analysis.  Out work includes working with both consumers and with businesses across the private sector and the public sector.

We offer both qualitative and quantitative market research services.


Selecting CARD Group market research agency

When you choose CARD Group market research agency, you get our knowledge, our experience of working across multiple sectors and our successful record of working closely with both global brands’ local companies and public sector organisations.


A successful market research agency

Our clients trust us to provide accurate market research on which to base their strategies.  Our actionable insights are the cornerstone of many successful business initiatives over the years.


An innovative market research agency

At CARD Group, we have developed highly accurate market research methods.  These methods are statistically robust and provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage when developing strategy.  Each client receives a bespoke approach combine our years of experience with their individual needs.  If you would like to find out more about our methods please get in touch.


A focused market research agency

In 2016 CARD Group CEO Albert Hamilton established the Northern Ireland branch of the Market Research Society and was subsequently elected as Chair. The Market Research Society Northern Ireland meets several time each year.  If you would like to find out more about the Market Research Society Northern Ireland, please get in touch.


A family friendly market research agency

The CARD Group team co-creates a collaborative and supportive working environment.  We each take pride in being dependable, resourceful and helpful to our colleagues, weaving a mutual reassurance so that when we need care-time away, we have each other’s back.

CARD Group is a life-friendly employer.  Everyone has responsibilities at home and work, and beyond that we all have our own interests and life goals.  Our interests bring us a sense of fulfilment and life goals give us purpose.  Having time to progress them is a foundation for happiness and personal well being.  CARD Group encourages every team member to achieve our work, home and life goals.

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