Website Visitor Analysis

CARD Group offers website visitor analysis and insight in order to assist you with developing your marketing strategy. We are able to advise you on:

  • Trends in website visitors
  • Trends in online revenue
  • Website visitor demographics
  • Where most of your website visitors are located
  • What content your website visitors find most interesting on your website
  • If website visitors engage with your website or if they leave within a few seconds
  • How website visitors find your website


This incredibly valuable information enables you to discover strengths and weaknesses in your website and in your marketing strategy.  Contributing to a solid understanding of your customers, website visitor analysis is crucial to continuing business success.

CARD Group is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We work across the UK, Ireland and beyond.  If you’re searching for a market research company to assist you with finding a solution to a business challenge, please get in touch.