Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys for Market Research

CARD Group provides surveys for a broad range of clients.  Our customer surveys are designed to gather crucial information on your customer needs.  We then deliver actionable insights as to how you can best satisfy those needs in order to increase revenue.

Our core customer survey services include:

  • Customer intercept surveys
  • Customer exit surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Hall tests
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Online Surveys
  • Postal surveys


Data Collection

We employ the right customer survey methodology to ensure you get the correct information to meet your objectives.  CARD Group uses the most up to date data capture and analytical methods that benefit from:

  • Research studies are completed in days rather than weeks with collated responses available to view instantly
  • Instant information means that you can monitor event sentiment, promotion uptake and the success of mobile marketing in real-time, enabling you to take action immediately
  • Customer survey questions can be changed live in the field, letting you understand the reasons behind unanticipated outputs while there is still time to do something about it
  • Research studies can be stopped as soon as a statistically robust sample has been achieved, saving you time and money
  • Basic analysis is automatically calculated and viewable instantly. Depth analysis is based on our unparalleled on the ground experience in the widest range of commercial venues in the UK and beyond.


Accuracy should be at the core of good market research, providing actionable data designed to generate improvement.  No matter how large or small your research needs, all our clients benefit from:

  • Statistical and psychological resources that ensure the correct methodology is applied
  • A project inception document including milestones and individual responsibilities
  • An on-site Field Manager
  • Live progress monitoring / reporting
  • Provision of all data capturing tools
  • Professionally trained interviewers to a level that we believe exceeds the MRS Code of Conduct.

Question Set Development

CARD Group invests the statistical and psychological laws necessary to ensure the right customer survey questions are asked of the right people. Most market research companies come from a marketing perspective rather than a consumer perspective and therefore are unaware of the psychological biases that they unintentionally add to the study. Unfortunately this often means that those customer survey questions are confounded and therefore that data is incorrect. All our market research studies benefit from our in-house statistical and psychological resources.



Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to identify and measure potentially influencing factors on a customer study to help ensure the correct methodology is applied. As with any project an agreed schedule and clear lines of communication amongst stakeholders is essential. Our project planning does not leave anything to chance and typically consists of:

  • Prioritising market research objectives
  • Establishing a relevant audience and methods for data capture
  • Sample size calculations to ensure statistical robustness
  • Review of sampling strategy to include locations, sampling times and potential anomalies
  • Project costing and anticipated response rates
  • Analysing footfall reports and sampling locations
  • Site visits to identify potential conflicts
  • Local police, council and business notification (and permission where required)
  • Ensuring we comply with Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct


CARD Group’s corporate success has been built on our ability to understand consumers. We have innovated numerous ways to accurately model, segment consumers and to understand the influences on their behaviour. Our systems seamlessly combine with nationally recognised demographic categorisation techniques to enable us to identify:

  • Visitors with the highest impact on success and how to attract more of them
  • Lifetime customer value and how to communicate with, value and protect your main customer base
  • Facilities and services with the greatest influence on consumer behaviour
  • Our analysis and report writing incorporates spend analysis, travel time analysis and priorities for change.

CARD Group is a highly skilled team with international experience in the field of data collection and analysis. Due to this experience we have an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and opinions, ensuring the right people are asked the right questions at the right time.

We understand that your situation is unique to you and will provide a service tailored to each project and your individual needs.  This level of preparation allows CARD Group to provide information that will give you a greater understanding of your business and the environment in which it operates.

Customer surveys are crucial to strategy development for a range for sectors including town centres, business improvement districts (BIDS), shopping centres, leisure and hospitality, retail, travel and tourism and event management.

CARD Group is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Our clients are located across the UK, Ireland and beyond.  If you’re searching for a market research company to assist you with finding a customer survey solution to a business issue please contact CARD Group.