Customer Insight | Analysis

Customer Insight and Analysis via Market Research

Profitable growth stems from providing customers with a product or service that meets a need.  To enable businesses to more fully understand customers and their needs, we are able to provide customer insights derived from qualitative and/or quantitative market research.

Using the correct market research tools, we investigate the attitudes, beliefs and motivations that determine your customer’s decision to make a purchase.  We are also able to investigate why some consumers in your target market do not make a purchase.

Our insights will help you to better understand your customers and enable you to execute impactful changes to meet your objectives.


Data Analysis for Market Research

Data analysis draws together the qualitative and/or quantitative data gathered during the first stages of a market research project.  Our highly experienced analysts examine the large quantities of data using various techniques and technologies to establish meaningful conclusions.

Trained in statistical analysis methods such as conjoint analysis, multiple regression and multidimensional scaling our analysts are then able to deliver considerable insights from the data we gather.

Market research is more than simply collecting data – that’s just the beginning.  We’re curious, innovative, analytical and passionate about solving business problems.


Client Reports

Ensuring the outcome of our research is actionable is key to our success as a market research company.

Our experienced analysts compile clear and concise reports detailing market research findings.  Our reports also provide you with clear and actionable recommendations to address your business challenges.

If you have a customer insight and analysis challenge that you would like to discuss, please contact CARD Group.  Based in Northern Ireland, we operate in the UK, Republic of Ireland and across Europe.